Custom PowerMast at a United States based Airport

A United States based airport needed to perform a complicated full glass restoration. The Airport has a glass window pyramid that is 60 feet high and has a 55-degree angle from the window's base to the top of the pyramid. Getting equipment onto the roof and then on the glass posed safety problems, but the most difficult aspect of the job was the size of the pyramid-style glass, combined with the tight angle. 

The airports restoration plan called for one pass over the glass to repair and one pass for cleaning. During the restoration, workers needed to waterproof existing windows and replace damaged glass panels. Since worker safety was a concern during the restoration, the only way to clean the glass was to walk it up with tie points.  There were no anchor points and installing tie points to access the glass pyramid proved to be difficult. After examining all other options, the workers' positioning on the pyramid was going to be problematic and presented the risk of sliding while working. 

ReechCraft constructed a custom platform support that accommodated the 55-degree angle of the glass pyramid. The custom PowerMast supported itself on the window's mullions so it couldn’t slide or move side to side, making the setup safe and easy to use during windy conditions. The custom platform support went up to 60 feet with a 24 foot span between masts. The platform support that ReechCraft provided was the ultimate solution.

The custom setup saved the airport time and effort while increasing safety for the workers. With the platform support, their employees were able to safely access all areas of pyramid, even with the tough angle of the glass.

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