The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company Case Study

Solution: Custom 80ft Free Standing Lift

Company: The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company

Location: Akron, OH USA



The Goodyear Global Headquarters facility in Akron, Ohio has four large atriums that reach 80 feet in height with glass curtain walls, internal and external windows, lighting, ground obstructions, both raised and specialized flooring material, and bump outs. Since the atriums were located inside the building, the company could only transport equipment to the area using elevators and stairs, which presented numerous problems for typical access equipment. Although scaffolding could reach the needed heights, it was time-consuming and took days to set up, move and teardown.



ReechCraft used standard components from their PowerMast product, and added some custom assemblies to create a modular configuration that would solve the access problem. Four masts were combined with a custom tie bracket to form one rigid, freestanding tower. ReechCraft built custom platforms for single and twin towers. The custom bases provide minimal PSI (pounds per square inch) and operated safely and solidly at the 80-foot heights.


ReechCraft's custom aerial work platform sets up within two hours and can move around to different areas while still assembled. Other access methods had to be left in one place or completely disassembled and set up again in order to move the setup around. None of these alternatives could meet the time or height requirements needed for accessing the atriums.



According to Valerie Bigler, Senior Facility Manager with IRG Realty Advisors who maintains the building “This is the first time since this building was constructed that we’ve been able to access the top of the atrium to change lights and clean the windows. This custom setup offered an economical and logistically friendly option for reaching the atrium space while addressing concerns and issues presented by alternative access methods."

With this economical custom solution, the facilities maintenance personnel at this corporate campus can now reach the needed heights without costly rentals or extensive scheduling delays. The custom PowerMast setup can work at different height levels and around obstructions near the atrium. In addition, it is quickly assembled, with only a two-hour setup time.