ReechCraft Bronco: Tough, All-Terrain Scaffold - with FREE Shipping!

Thank you for your interest in ReechCraft! We are excited to share our product highlights and tips with you so that you can take full advantage of our American-made products. Today, we are eager to tell you about our extremely versatile Bronco system. But first, check out what some of our customers have to say:

From William in Willoughby, OH"The Bronco is stable on uneven terrain! I was quite pleased with how stable they felt and how easy it was to adjust them into a level position on rough uneven terrain."

From Josh in Spring Valley, MN"They truly are life savers. I've used mine for mostly siding and windows, but they have many more uses. With three legs, they are more balanced than a traditional sawhorse and can accommodate almost any terrain."

From Noah in Georgetown, ME: "‚ÄčI have had a pair of Broncos for many years. They are fantastic here on the East coast where people are building houses on cliffs, banks and atop boulders. Seeing them on the job has led quite a few others to ask where to get them."

Whether you work in construction, property management, hospitality or if you're a do-it-yourselfer, ReechCraft's Bronco all-terrain scaffold will help you work more efficiently! The ultimate in safety, versatility and strength, this tough, three-legged scaffold is ideal for interior and exterior applications, including areas with uneven or difficult ground conditions.

You can find ReechCraft's Bronco system at many dealers throughout the US; locate the dealer nearest you using our Dealer Finder. You can also buy Bronco as well as our popular PL60 and M20 Powerlifts on Amazon - all currently with FREE shipping!

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Historic Building Renovation in Downtown Fargo, ND: Case Study Summary

Since our founding in 1993, ReechCraft has set itself apart with innovative products and first-rate services. We pride ourselves on our ability to respond to the market with our durable product solutions. Today, we are eager to tell you how ReechCraft's PowerMast is helping make renovation work a little easier in a historic building in Fargo, North Dakota.


Historic Building Renovation in Downtown Fargo, ND: Case Study Summary

Syncorp Construction Services, located in West Fargo, ND, offers concrete, steel erection and general construction services throughout the area. Syncorp is currently working on a restoration project in the historic "Black Building" in downtown Fargo, which has been a landmark since its construction in the 1930's. The project entails work within a tight elevator shaft to fix and install wiring, repair concrete and repair and install new framing. The elevator posed a real problem with scaffolding as it would take too long to install, it would not allow the crew complete access to the working surfaces and did not provide a completely safe environment.


ReechCraft took on the project and offered our PowerMast system as a solution. The PowerMast system allowed for one climbing unit to be installed on each side of the shaft, each with an independent platform and work surface. This allowed for the crew to have complete access to the shaft on all four side, at any height and at any time. This not only made completing the job faster and more efficient, but also safer as well.

Since the PowerMast allows you to build as you go - with 5-foot mast sections featuring our tools-free coupler system - assembly is much less time-consuming than scaffolding. PowerMast offers accessibility up to 200 feet, which was perfect for this job. Without extensive scaffolding to work around, all heights of the elevator shaft are accessible at all times. For this job, the two separate masts with two independent platforms allow for 2 different areas of the shaft to be worked on at once, so one worker could be repairing concrete near the 5th floor while another is installing wiring in basement. Finally, with the elevator access from 1st floor completely sealed, retail business could carry on a usual while upper floors underwent extensive renovations. 


Contact ReechCraft for all your project needs. Whether you are interested in one of our current products or are needing something completely custom, we can provide a solution to your access problem. 

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ReechCraft can help make your job safer and easier!

Since our founding in 1993, ReechCraft has set itself apart with innovative products and first-rate services. We pride ourselves in our ability to respond to the market with our durable product solutions. We also strives to ensure our equipment is safe and easy to use.

Since we want our customers to be safe when working with any piece of equipment, we've provided a few safety tips, below, that we encourage you to always be mindful of:

  • Be sure to read and understand the owner’s manual before use. If you've misplaced a ReechCraft owner's manual, you can download a new copy from our website.
  • Always wear the appropriate safety gear.
  • Be sure to inspect the equipment before use, each and every time.
  • Maintain and operate the equipment according to manufacturer's specifications.
  • Never exceed the load limits of the equipment. Always allow for the combined weight of workers, tools and materials.
  • Be sure to always set the brakes, use wheel chocks, or use the outriggers when provided.
  • Ensure that workers do not position themselves between hazards.
  • Do not move the equipment while the platform is elevated unless it is approved or permitted by the manufacturer.

ReechCraft makes jobs safer and easier - but don't just take our word for it! Click here to read customer testimonials about how folks in many different industries have saved time and streamlined their operations with the addition of ReechCraft products.

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Learn About our Machines: OverSpeed Braking System & Tools-Free Connection System

Thank you for your interest in ReechCraft! We are eager to tell you about a couple of components that make our ReechCraft machines safe and easy to use while still being lightweight and portable.

We are proud to announce our latest generation PowerLift gearbox featuring an all-new Integrated OverSpeed Braking System. This new system provides even greater safety redundancy by automatically stopping the platform in the event of over speed. The OverSpeed Braking System eliminates the need for the cone brake, which was used on earlier models. This gearbox is expected to be released soon and will be available to purchase as an upgrade for previous PowerLift models.


Another feature that sets ReechCraft apart is our Tools-Free Connection System, which allows users to quickly and easily customize the height of their machine without the need for any additional hardware or equipment. Both PowerLift and PowerMast feature a quick, tools-free connection to ensure efficiency and safety while stacking mast sections. Each mast section includes a locking feature that requires mast connections to be locked in place before the platform or basket can advance. Adding, removing and stowing mast sections takes only seconds with our specially designed tools-free connection system! Click HERE to watch a video about this exceptional system.

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Heritage Printing & Graphics Case Study

Company: Heritage Printing & Graphics

Locations: Charlotte, NC, Washington, DC, and Waldorf, MD

Heritage installs custom cut signs, convention and meeting displays, and custom interior graphics as well as providing commercial printing, mailing services, graphic design and branding with a mission to provide quality visual communication solutions through best production practices supported by superior services. Heritage Printing & Graphics was looking for a solution to provide a safer work environment and easier method of installing signs and vinyl graphics because they can be large and very cumbersome making the use of ladders impractical and unsafe.

In the last quarter of 2017, Heritage was budgeting for an upcoming year and a priority of the production department was to purchase a PowerLift from ReechCraft. In 2018, Heritage made that purchase along with a Hitch Hauler which allows for easy transportation between job-sites because it attaches to any standard 2” vehicle receiver to transport their PowerLift. They saw an immediate improvement in time and efficiency, initially using the PowerLift throughout their production area. Recently, Heritage printed and hung a large banner using the PowerLift; the banner was 8 feet wide and 92 feet long, and was attached to a wall 18 feet off the ground. They are also using the PowerLift to install displays, wall wraps, and window graphics for clients. As Heritage continues to grow, they plan to use the lift to install wiring and lighting.

PowerLift has been a welcome addition to the team at Heritage, proving itself to be useful, highly portable and versatile! According to Brent Thompson, Production Manager at Heritage Printing & Graphics, “The PowerLift provides us with more capabilities on installs, especially in stores and tight spaces. We utilized the lift to add new graphics to our sign shop too!”. Heritage's General Manager, Lamar Scott added, "We are very happy with the PowerLift, it will be useful for years to come!"

Custom PowerMast at a United States based Airport


A United States based airport needed to perform a complicated full glass restoration. The Airport has a glass window pyramid that is 60 feet high and has a 55-degree angle from the window's base to the top of the pyramid. Getting equipment onto the roof and then on the glass posed safety problems, but the most difficult aspect of the job was the size of the pyramid-style glass, combined with the tight angle. 

The airports restoration plan called for one pass over the glass to repair and one pass for cleaning. During the restoration, workers needed to waterproof existing windows and replace damaged glass panels. Since worker safety was a concern during the restoration, the only way to clean the glass was to walk it up with tie points.  There were no anchor points and installing tie points to access the glass pyramid proved to be difficult. After examining all other options, the workers' positioning on the pyramid was going to be problematic and presented the risk of sliding while working. 


ReechCraft constructed a custom platform support that accommodated the 55-degree angle of the glass pyramid. The custom PowerMast supported itself on the window's mullions so it couldn’t slide or move side to side, making the setup safe and easy to use during windy conditions. The custom platform support went up to 60 feet with a 24 foot span between masts. The platform support that ReechCraft provided was the ultimate solution.


The custom setup saved the airport time and effort while increasing safety for the workers. With the platform support, their employees were able to safely access all areas of pyramid, even with the tough angle of the glass.

Theme Park: Fixed Base PowerLift


Theme park employees needed to access cables, audio/visual and lighting and perform regular inspections and maintenance on one of their major attractions. However, the access point was located behind the attraction's wall, with very little space and wall obstructions that were part of the attraction's set. The biggest problem was the incredibly limited floor space that employees had to maneuver in and around, making the job impossible for standard aerial work platforms or scaffolding.

Before contacting ReechCraft, the company had previously tried suspensions, rappelling and boat swing chairs to access the area. These ordinary access equipment methods caused safety issues and usability limitations for the company.


ReechCraft created a custom PowerLift with a fixed, floor-mounted base that was permanently anchored to concrete to solve the problem of limited floor space. There are multiple fixed bases located in strategic positions throughout the theme park and the major attraction. These fixed bases are unobtrusive and fit in the very small areas in the attraction's space. The PowerLift's portability allow it to easily access any of these fixed bases throughout the park.

This custom PowerLift is easy to transport and is taken down for storage when it is not in use. This allows the ride to fully function without hindrance when it's not undergoing inspections or repairs.

This ground-supported solution completely addresses any safety issues that ladders and rappelling access methods created. With this custom PowerLift, workers are free to use their hands and utilize the minimal available space, all while reaching work heights of 26 feet.

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